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Name: Turner Page
Aliases: The Bookworm, Arthur


Turner grew up in an middle class family. His father was a mechanic and his mother was a hairdresser. He was mostly ignored because his parents worked a lot. His mother cared enough to gather him a bunch of books and old toys she'd bought second hand and so he spent most of his childhood reading. Something he learnt to do by a very early age.

He was also a fast reader and had an excellent memory. As he grew up he'd pay more and more visits to the library and was determined to read every book they had. His mother indulged his love of reading while his father wanted him to be a normal kid. His father would some days take him to work with him and tell him he was going to be a mechanic when he grew up, so he'd better learn early. 

Turner learned to work with machines over the summers since he never showed any interest in going outside and playing with the other children. So it was the only way his father could pull his nose out of those books. He was fairly skilled at it and managed to please his father that he'd have a job working with machines if nothing else.

He was never very social and tended to alienate the other children because all he wanted to do was read. He also assumed that everyone should read as much as he did and thought he was smarter then people because they never got the references he made. Needless to say as a teenager this got him beaten up a lot. Because of this his father tried to teach him some self defence but he was never very good at it. 

What he really wanted to do was to go and study literature. However his parents didn't have enough money for that and his father considered it a waste of time. However he was smart enough to get a few good scholarships and with that managed to get a place in an English program at Gotham university. 

He moved to Gotham and studied while working part time. He started his own collection of books. On the weekends, when he wasn't studying or working on homework he'd scour used book stores and yard sales for books to add to his collection.

Along the way he actually became friends with another university student who was in his class, they decided to split the cost and rent an apartment. Mark Hunter really wanted to be a writer and he kept suggesting that Turner try too. Turner though had always put it off as a goal for later years. Once he'd read more things. However Mark kept insisting he try it, saying it would help him to have someone to write with. So he tried. And tried. And tried. 

However he found writing something himself was incredibly frustrating. Mark just encouraged him more though. And suggested they collaborate on a novel and try to get it published. Turner finally agreed, because he did need the money. He kept spending his school money on new books he'd find. So he wrote a story. It wasn't terribly original, but it wasn't horrible.

Mark took it and came back saying he'd worked out a deal with a close friend of his who happened to be a literary agent.
The agent Lewis Banfield signed them onto a three book contract. Turner never really paid attention. More focussed on his books and side projects and school. However Mike soon came back and said they were going to need the next book before they could get the first one published.

So he tried to write another story, this one was harder. But he managed to write it. Not pleased with it though he didn't want to give it to Mike. But the man insisted and took it away. The first book was then published. And then the second one. They weren't hits, but they seemed to be selling. Mike, who really hadn't done that much in the first place, didn't understand why they weren't getting any money. 

The agent said they needed to finish the three book contract first before they were paid. So Mike went back to ask for last book. Turner by that time was getting frustrated by the lack of results for the books themselves and the writing process. Everything he wrote. Nothing was original, every plot, character, everything, he could see the ties they had back to their orginial source. But he needed money and the agent was soon making some very real threats. 

So he wrote. He wrote and he hated everything about it. Nothing was original, he needed time. Pressure wouldn't do anything. He started to blame Mike. All of this was stripping him of his ability to write original ideas. He refused to write anymore, the book nearly at it's end. He'd already lost his part time job. They weren't getting any money from this and his grades were falling. However their agent wasn't happy and sent three goons over with a message for them to get the last book in.

They destroyed the apartment and Turner's precious books. He and Mike got into a fight and Turner stormed off. Leaving his things and moving back into the university dorms. He just barely managed to save his grades and was forced to get two part time jobs just to keep himself in school. He graduated with a degree in English Literature and managed to get a job in a book store. 

And that's when the book was published. It was the book he'd written. It had Mike's name on it. It was a hit. Mike had added an end to the unfinished third story Turner had written and was passing it off as his own. The three books were suddenly a smash hit. Though the biggest critic people were saying about it, was that it lacked originality.

Turner was furious and vowed revenge on the two men that had stolen his work. Thus, the Bookworm was born. He found the agent and stole the money he felt was owed to him. Using this he set himself up as the Bookworm and leaving the dead agent behind went to get revenge on his former friend. 

Living in Gotham as a antique book seller by the name of Arthur Christie.

[More information to be added re:revenge plot and what literature was used.]

He was eventually caught by Batman and locked him away in Arkham.


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